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September 21st, 2009, 11:05 AM
Rules are very basic here:

Postings should be placed in appropriate categories, and replies must be kept reasonably to the topics. No one will be sanctioned for small deviations that arise during normal conversations, but purposeful distractions may be removed, and posters who habitually sidetrack topics may have their access or usage restricted.

This is a semi-focused forum, and all topics and postings should be applicable to the theme of retail, wholesale, or those types of equipment. Please do not use the forum for topics that are totally unrelated.

This is a business oriented forum, but we welcome private individuals who have interests in the subject matter of our focus.

All posters are to conduct themselves in a manner that would be acceptable in most business environments, and refrain from using the forum as a means to air personal grievances with one another or between businesses. The exception to this might be the "Industry News" section, where some applicable commentary is allowed, but must be kept within lawfully established boundaries.

No advertisements are allowed outside the classified Advertisement section. No exceptions to this. Ads placed without payment will be removed, and users abusing this rule will be restricted. If you want to place an ad, visit this link:

All users must not use the forum for any unlawful purpose.