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Originally Posted by LeopoldStotch View Post
Hello, I was given 2 sections of old gondolas (4' sections), but with only 3 upper shelves. I'm having a hard time looking for 9 more shelves, possibly because they're too old. If someone could identify the brand, maybe it'll be easier for me to search on the net for the shelves. I can't find identifying marks anywhere on these parts. I do know that the shelves are incompatible with my other Lozier and Madix sections.

I will post a few pictures. The holes in the uprights are 1 inch tall and the metal strips in between the holes are 3/4 inch thick. Any comments are appreciated. Hopefully, someone is still watching this forum? I noticed that the only posts in the last month were made by spam bots :/

We've been away, and we're catching up with the spammers right now. This brand you've posted pictures of is something we recognize, however cannot put a name on right now. Give us a day or three to think about it
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